ABA Sends Letter to Biden Urging Him NOT To Consider Michelle Obama for SCOTUS

The American Bar Association has sent a letter to Joe Biden expressing its official concerns about the possibility of Michelle Obama being appointed to the Supreme Court. Biden put out a shortlist to his closest advisors, and Michelle’s name was at the top.

ABA spokesman, Art Tubolls, says the organization is concerned about the ethics of appointing someone like Michelle Obama to the highest court in the land:

“The Supreme Court should be dignified. It should include expert jurists and not a glorified lunch lady. Michelle Obama’s law degree is a fake and her license to practice was revoked. How does a person like that get considered for that seat?”

Legal analysts say that putting Michelle’s name on the ticket for the appointment at all shows a serious lack of judgment on Biden’s part, and that if he doesn’t reconsider, he could be the laughing stock of the legal community.

Our own analyst says that Biden would be much better off looking through pictures of Yale keggers or possibly perusing a bible belt Christian network for his next pick, as that’s obviously what America wants. The White House doesn’t seem very interested in this methodology, however, saying “that’s how hacks and zealots get appointments.”

We can only assume he’s talking about Breyer and RGB.

God bless America.


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