Michigan Governor Pushes Arabic Mathematics Curriculum


Governor Gretchen Whitmer is no stranger to controversy these days.  Locking down her state to protect citizens against the Covid19 virus despite President Trump’s ill-informed advice to open up and allow the people their deadly freedom has made her poll numbers drop alarmingly.  With a series of empowerment marches gaining popular momentum across the Arrest-Warrant State, the Democratic diva is beginning to look a little bit recall-pregnant.

Not the same as “Hootie and the Blowfish” pregnant.

Adding to what some of the lesser educated teabagging halfwits would call her problems, Whitmer has decided to boldly have Michigan’s school system embrace a curriculum of Arabic mathematics, using Arabic numerals and even French and Italian variable systems, all while powering schools and institutions themselves with electrical processes invented by a Serbian.  Education Secretary Joe Barron finds the entire affair ridiculous:

“We have enough problems with trying to educate people in Michigan, period.  I mean, half the populace is marching down the street waving guns that are probably covered with more viral infection than the wives of Motley Crue, and the other half are trying to figure out if their truck balls are ticklish.   The second these sons and daughters of unfortunate laboratory experiments hear the word ‘Arabic’, they’re gonna ruin their pants faster than Lindsey Graham watching ‘The Human Centipede’ in a porn theater.”

Senator Graham is also an enthusiast of hanging out at Hooters and really trying to imagine the waitresses are firemen.

It certainly does seem like Governor Whitmer may have bit off more than her considerable mouth can chew.  It’s safe to say that the people of Michigan, with their protests against staying alive to see the next sunrise and their fervent paranoia about keeping their second amendment intact are really courting the IIIrd rail of civil rights.