Barr Appoints Special Prosecutor to Investigate ‘Democrat Aspects’ of the Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr is showing everyone why he refuses to comply with the deadlines and requirements of Congress. His office is preparing to announce the appointment of a special counsel to prosecute Democrats not fully exonerated in the Mueller Report.

According to our source, who may or may not have worked for Barr in the summer of 2011, there is no collusion with the Trump campaign, but there sure was a lot of connections made between the Clinton Foundation and the Kremlin.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Artori Tubollskovich, told the Moscow Press:

“Your people will be exonerated of the horrible crime of collusion, just as our great President has been. The American Democrats, enemies to our state and to your dear leader Vladimir Putin, worked feverishly to make us all look like criminals when it was they who did the colluding and made deals with criminals.

Those criminals were not the people of Russia or its government. They were, as it turns out, hired thugs of the Clinton Foundation. Those thugs will be dealt with swiftly.”

The Clinton Foundation responded with a statement of their own, which was sent directly to President Trump’s email:

“Dear Lord Cheeto,

Bill and I have retired from public life. Other than making you look stupid or pics of the grandchildren. Please stop including us in your nonsense to enrage the base of imbeciles you call ‘supporters.; Thanks in advance.


Bill n’ Hill Clinton”

Such disrespectful jerks. When the President of the United States accuses you of colluding with a foreign government, you should take that seriously. A lot of the problem with these elitist Democrats is they refuse to take responsibility for the mess they created. At least we’re living in a time when we can count on our president to tell us the truth. Amen to that, patriots. Amen to that.

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