Feds Dismiss Local PD Reports That Bridge Collapse Was A Political Stunt

The local PD is already calling it “Antifa Bridge.”

When a bridge outside of Pittsburgh suddenly collapsed on the eve of Joe Biden’s visit to the area to talk about crumbling infrastructure, of all things, reports came in from all over the area of suspicious Antifa activity.

State police had already warned that the chatter had increased substantially and that there was “something big” brewing on the horizon. Now we know what. Antifa puposely took down this bridge to make Biden look good.

What other explanation is there? Guaranteed, had Biden not been coming to town, that bridge would have stood for another hundred years. Our sources say the bridge was as solid as a well-built structure made to span a body of water or other ravines. It was made of thick concrete and heavy steel. The bolts that held it together were huge. It makes no sense. None of it makes any sense.

The local PD even has witnesses, but the feds don’t want to hear it. They say the witnesses said that they heard Antifa was definitely involved, and one of them even has a cousin who goes to school with one of the Antifas and sits at the table behind him at lunch.

“He’s always saying things like ‘let’s go Brandon’ are fucking stupid,” said the witness, who agreed to be interviewed under the condition of anonymity, “and the other day he said ‘our roads and bridges are crumbling’ when someone asked why he supported spending money to put new steel where old steel used to be.”

Sounds serious, patriots. Biden is lucky nobody was killed. Their blood would have been on their hands.


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