Biden to Trump Supporters ‘Get Bent This Christmas’

Joe and Jill Biden held a holiday celebration fit for a king, which makes sense for an aspiring dictator. He made clear he wanted to wish the liberal elite and big pharma a very happy holidays! But, he had a very specific message for the best president in history’s supporters.

“Look, Jack, these people lost. They lost big time. I don’t really associate with losers. You know, I’ve got a rep to protect. Do you like my cool sunglasses? Do I have a message for Trump supporters? I sure do! GET BENT THIS CHRISTMAS, I WON, LOSERS AND HATERS!”

Talk about an unpresidential thing to say. Doesn’t he know he works for ALL of us! This administration is a disgrace.

Sandy Batt, the newest White House communications director tried to excuse the wanna-be president’s statement:

“He didn’t really mean that. In fact, we don’t believe he even said it. That whole ‘losers and haters’ part sounds more like the previous guy. Are you sure Biden said it?”

Of course we are sure! It just sounds like something he would say. It would rank right up there with “malarkey” and “corn pop” right? Duh!

So, here we are. This is diplomacy now.

Where does the statement “get bent” even come from?

Well some say it’s slang for “get bent out of shape” which perhaps is what it is. But, it also sounds like the president is telling the patriots off this country to bend over a barrel and you know. YOU KNOW!

Just bend over and take it. Yep, that’s how we took it, also.

Well, I’ve got news for him. This Christmas the Trumpers are christmasing it up more than any other. Trump supporters are going to be nice to fellow man. We will be promoting peace and love. That’s what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would want. That’s the meaning of Christmas!

Just kidding. Deplorables be deplorable.