Independent Federal Election Panel Orders Recount in Detroit

A Federal Election Panel that answers to no party has turned its focus on the possibility of mass voter fraud in Detroit. According to our sources, The People’s Election Commission, which was started in 2009 by members of the Tea Party, has obtained federal warrants to do a manual recount of every single vote in Detroit in 2020.

This could be significant because if they find anything, they’ll be able to show that the entire election should be put into question.

President Trump released a statement about the recount, applauding the effort:

“We had the best thing. And then they stole the thing. And then our thing wasn’t their thing, so they blamed us. And the thing is, it’s all our things and the things that matter are the greatest things, patriots. Be your thing. Be my thing. Thing.”

He really is a wise man. Such an inspirational speaker. Without Trump telling us how great he is, life would just seem so mundane.

The Commission will begin its recount this weekend and hope to wrap things up before the end of next Tuesday, or possibly the following Sunday evening.

The Biden administration says it really doesn’t care what a panel of wingnuts from the Michele Bachmann school of crazy think happened in 2020. “We know what happened,” said spokesman Joe Barron, “President Biden won. By a lot. Like…it wasn’t even close. Someone tell that big orange bitch to stop crying.”

That message wasn’t well-received by Trump, who called Biden “Sleepy Joe” again and really zinged it this time.

God bless America.

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