IRS To Freshmen Committee Members: Please Learn The Law About Private Tax Returns

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a letter to the Congressional Committee to Expose Presidential Collusion refusing to release the President’s tax returns. It appears that the new freshman Democrats, who started the committee illegally to begin with, didn’t really read the law as it applies to Donald Trump.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, explains:

“The law states that a Congressional oversight committee can subpoena the personal tax records of any US citizen. That is true. There is, however, another law. Article One Section Two of the US Constitution, which gives power over the executive branch — including the IRS — to the president.

This morning, President Trump issued an executive order stopping congress from willfully violating the privacy of US citizens by asking for their personal tax returns. He happens to be included in that group of people.”

Once again, President Trump has made the liberals cry by doing a little sidestep around their cute little rules with his pure, raw constitutional power. By 2020, we won’t even need an election it will be so obvious.

Now that the nonsense of whether or not Trump is a liar and a fraud is behind us, it’s time to ask the important questions about Hillary Clinton, Benghazi — and when she really knew.

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