Its Official: Fox News Terminates Judge Pirro’s Contract

Fox News is preparing to announce that it will end Judge Jeannine Pirro’s contract, without giving her the right to plead her case. The decision, which comes down from Newscorp, was made by Rupert Murdoch himself:

“We have new stockholders, and they’re not too keen on calling a sitting Congresswoman a terrorist. Call it common courtesy. Sure, our viewers are hateful towards Muslamics, but that doesn’t mean we have to stoke the fire.”

The statement assumes a serious policy shift at Fox, from the network that urged Obama to use the term “radical Islamic terrorists” to the network that won’t use the term itself. It’s really very sad.

Judge Pirro’s contract had a buyout clause, so Fox will have to pay more than $4 million to sideline her. During her time off, Pirro is said to be looking into having some work done to soften her features and possibly having her vocal cords scraped to give her a more feminine vocal range.

MSNBC and OAN have both expressed interest in having Pirro on their networks. MSNBC says they would add her to Morning Joe so the gang could “make her look Fox News silly.” OAN says while they can’t pay her much, they can make her a superstar. Sorry, boys. Too late.

Judge Pirro is fabulous and she will always land back on her feet.

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