Harris To Kick Off MLK Day Parade in Harlem


It’s a big holiday weekend here in the United States.  Do you know which holiday it is?

“Is it finally Dads Stop Hitting Their Kids With Flourescent Lightbulb Tubes Day?”

If you’re a conservative patriotic Trump-loving American, you’ll know that Sunday the 16th is worldwide Appreciate a Dragon day.  It’s cause celebe for televisions across the fruited plain to be showing “Reign of Fire”.

But if you’re a normal, hard working, intelligent citizen, you’ll be well aware that the 17th is Martin Luther King day, a celebration of African American culture and the struggles and triumphs of black Americans.  Of which, despite the expert ramblings of our lowest dipshits, our Vice President Kamala Harris, is one.

Harris will be leading off the festivities in Harlem, New York, with her usual aplomb.  Flanked by assistants Joe Konders and Sandra Batt, she waved to onlookers from her pedestal at the White House.

“This Martin Luther King day, we will celebrate the right way.  By having a parade and going out for good old fashioned New York pizza and tacos afterwards!  This might actually be the one thing I can do right!  Yee haw!”

The Children’s Auxiliary has handed out vodka watermelons every year.

Harris has been, fairly rightly, excoriated by the right wing media for her inactivity and ineffectiveness.  Biden’s pick should have been Bernie.  However, her genetic makeup is not in question, no matter what your uncle with the Trump hat and 400 extra pounds says.

Happy MLK day everyone!