‘Gone With the Wind’ Rated R After Pressure from BLM


It’s probably the most famous American film of all time.  The classic 1939 masterpiece Gone With the Wind, with Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable in the roles that made them household names for generations.  Until this one, that is, because now the liberal powers that be have decided that if you’re under 17 years old, the “racially sensitive” subject matter may be too much for you to properly deal with sensitively.

Although the plan to offset it by dropping “Human Centipede” down to a G probably isn’t the best idea.

Last week, under pressure from liberal activists connected to the “Occupy” movement and their friends in the massive “Black Lives Matter” organization, the MPAA has agreed to change the movie’s viewership rating to “R”, “Restricted”, a label normally reserved for films with moderate amounts of sexual situations, violence, or words like fuck.  Joe Barron of the group Keeping Kids Kleen explained why the change had to be made.

“The setting of the civil war always leads to heightened escalation of racial tension within the energy of a shared environment, first of all.  With Donald Trump more or less cheering for the people of the traitorous Confederate mindset, it’s really become a call out for his legions of buck-toothed human/hyena hybrid followers to fist pump the tragedy of a single digit IQ.  Second of course, is the incredibly racist character of ‘Mammy’, whom I find so offensive that just thinking about it is making my scrotum quiver like Mike Pence at a firehouse toga party.  It’s time to protect this next generation from a movie that, frankly, they don’t give a rat’s ass about anyway and probably never heard of.”

Nine out of ten teens think Humphrey Bogart is : “That guy that lived in Alcatraz.”

The organizations are proud that their pressure campaign has borne fruit, and admit that G.W.T.W. is only the first of many movies they hope to have reevaluated.  You might want to check back if you’re planning on showing “The Toy” on your next family movie night.