California Court Frees Detainees, Charges I.C.E. Agents With ‘Hate Crimes’


Last weekend’s unprecedented roundup of undocumented aliens under orders from the President was a glowing success.  Hundreds of invading moochers were caught in raids as they went about their sinister crimes of working for American money, paying American taxes, and picking their bilingual children up from our American schools.  The fifth-district court of California, however, sees it differently.  Within hours, it convened, ordered the detainees set free, and filed charges against the ICE agents for - get this - “Hate crimes.”

The court, stocked with liberal judges by the Obama administration, contends that the agents utilized “racial profiling” to identify targets, and used excessive force to : “detain and hold people under orders from a President who has proven himself racially intolerant in numerous instances.”  If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is.  President Trump is wildly popular among minorities and has several black friends.  He even gave permission to Barron’s caretakers to allow the child to see next year’s “Little Mermaid” movie, should he so wish.  But not “New Jack City.”  There is to be no Wesley Snipes.  Except Maybe “Demolition Man.”  That Stallone is a hell of an actor.

Also starring Denis Leary as a revolutionary. What. Maybe the guy just REALLY hates Taco Bell.

California has dubbed itself a “sanctuary state”, a designation that irks conservative Republicans because they believe it means they plan to flout imigration statutes.  What it actually means is that they prefer local police forces to concentrate on law-enforcement issues and not also be made to do immigration agents’ job’s for them.  But either way, it’s probably wrong and gay.  California has just constantly resisted the President’s ideas becase they’re too busy smoking pot on their surfboards at sushi bars to care about anything important.

THIS is a photo of California’s governor holding a town hall meeting.

So far, the White House has not begun it’s legal defense of the agents, since sending Rudy Guliani out is kind of like sending a blind guy to drive the Indy 500, and most of the other members of legal staff are busy working on how to cover up multiple counts of obstruction of justice for the forseeable future.  But with Trump, you know that the hammer will fall.  And this time, California will be the toe it falls on.

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