American Card Company is Booming Thanks to Trump - And You


The current crisis across America is keeping everyone inside their homes, forcing them to find alternate sources of entertainment.  Television viewership is way up, streaming content providers like Netflix and Hulu are reporting record profits, and people everywhere are engaging with their families in game nights.  That’s where “Cards Against Democrats” comes in.

It’s finally time - something even easier and more inane than the Mr.T challenge!

Born from an idea by West Virginia natives Joe Barron and Teresa Nelson, the popular card game targets the gigantic audience of Trump supporters and teabaggers with it’s harshly-partisan comedic style, reminiscent of “Cards Against Humanity”, which was a giant hit with a smarter and more current crowd.  Experts believe this might just get seniors back to the card table they are probably using to fold poodle clothing on.

Nelson explained the creation of the multi-million dollar pastime to the West Virginia Gusting Queef:

“What we were trying to do, basically, was to make a dumbed-down version of a card game that even Trumpers could manage to understand and find funny.  There are a lot of jokes about Obama and Kenya, some stuff about Hillary and pizza parlors, and a whole bonus set of ‘Q’ related nonsense.  We really had to adjust illustrations to be very simple, and made the instructions almost retarded.  For example, one just says: ‘Donald Trump him make my _________ hard’, while another is just: ‘Me no like Pelosi ___________ Benghazi arf.’  Like that.  It’s nice to profit off the stupid.”

Now what kind of people would PROFIT from the ignorance of the teabagged mental midgets?

The First factory for the game is already working at maximum capacity, thanks to a start-up loan from President Trump himself who borrowed the money from Vladmir Putin.  That’s certainly one way to Make America Great Again after absolutely destroying the economy through incompetence.  You can fill in THAT blank with patriotic laughter.

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