FCC Fines CNN $6 Million For ‘Slanderous’ Headlines About Trump

CNN has lost their minds, along with any shred they had left of journalistic integrity. Over the past few days, the headlines they’ve been publishing during President Trump’s pandemic briefings have been “nothing short of slanderous,” according to the FCC. They’ve fined the fake news outlet $6 million for their trouble.

How is it that CNN got away with that kind of disrespect for so long? According to our legal analyst, Art Tubolls, they shouldn’t be:

“Saying things like that about a president during a national emergency is a crime. You can’t slander him, even if it’s true. Under the National Emergencies Act of 1779, the President has the right to do and say whatever he feels is best for the country. There’s a provivion in section 412b that stipulates rules for the press, including their duty to report all news in a positive manner, so they don’t cause a nationwide panic.

“Can you imagine what would happen if people started believing that trump is lying to them? We’d see unprecedented chaos.”

President Trump is already well-known to be the most truthful man ever to hold public office. Liberals don’t like him because he’s a bit mean, rude, and crass, and his truth isn’t always the actual truth, but rather the truth that works best for those who elected him.

Hopefully, this fine will put a damper on CNN posting what they call “the truth.” Just because something is factual doesn’t make it true. Liberals and their fake news don’t seem to understand that. The truth is in the eye of the beholder. Read your bible.

Shame on you, CNN.

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