Critical Race Theory Found in 2022 Sesame Street Scripts

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse, the liberals prove us wrong. According to our sources at HBO and PBS, Sesame Street will fully embrace critical race theory and add it to their show’s “curriculum.”

What that means, patriots, is that they intend to teach it. They intend to openly indoctrinate millions of children.

If you don’t want them to do it, spread the word and let everyone know. Sesame Street is a communist empire.

Grover ‘transitioned’ last year. We’re still not sure what that means.

We asked the writers of the show to explain why they’d do such a thing, but they refused to respond. We believe it’s because they find us to be fairly ridiculous. At any rate, they should have afforded us the common courtesy of a fictional reply to our satirical questions. Very unprofessional.

From what we’ve ascertained, Sesame Street is planning to mention to children that slavery existed, that there were people already here when Columbus “discovered” America, and that everyone is unique and allowed to be themselves.

Just what the hell is that? People being “unique” is what led to Grover transitioning. It makes no sense. Why can’t things just stay the same?

Sesame Street should be happy that we’ve allowed it to have the kind of “diversity” you might actually find on a street in Brooklyn, but this? This is a bridge too far.

We hereby deny their application to teach reality to children and petition the government to withdraw their funding.

Signed, the people.

God bless America.

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