Historians Uncover Nancy Pelosi’s Pro-Castro, Marxist Rant From UCLA Archives

Historians rummaging through UCLA’s famous Baxter Library archives have uncovered a disturbing chapter from Nancy Pelosi’s past. It see,s that Nancy wasn’t just a liberal back the; she was a full-fledged member of the Communist Party.

Remember, friends, this was a time when being a communist was still illegal in this country. You could go to jail for life if Senator McCarthy caught you. Pelosi was wise to have this kind of thing hidden.

Pelosi went on a major rant about how America was losing itself to capitalism. How our children would pay the price if we didn’t shut down the policies of corrupt politicians, and she didn’t mean Democrats.

Basically, Pelosi disregarded her future responsibilities as a leader of her party and Speaker of the House of Representatives when she said that she would have loved to have dated either Marx or Castro:

“I think a date with either man would be a fascinating evening. How could you not want to look into the eyes of someone whose ideals you adore and swoon?”

There you have it, patriots. She said Castro and Marx made her swoon. Had she been in Luxembourg earlier that year, she could have been with both of them.

What a whore.

God bless America.

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