Coach Belichick Says Any Player That Kneels Will Sit Out For The Playoffs

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has done what nobody thought he could. He’s taken a Ton Bradyless team back to the brink of greatness, with the AFC’s number one seed in sight.

What Belichick won’t do, is take a team of unpatriotic kneelers with him. While he hasn’t made an official statement, it’s become well-known in the Patriot locker room that coach Bill isn’t fooling around.

We asked our source near the organization to try to get confirmation, but they were unable to get past Gilette Stadium’s security. They did, however, confirm that the Patriots were practicing that day and that it all seemed very hush-hush.

“I left the thing you sent Mr. Belichick at the box office,: said the source, “I asked to see him but they weren’t having it.”

Sounds like we should probably try to get someone up there in Beantown besides the Grubhub driver.

Anyway, patriots, the policy is as real as the internet says it is, and right now, we have no confirmation from a single player or coach that it isn’t real. That’s why we can’t trust the mainstream media, folks. They can’t read between the lines.

The lines here are clear. Coach Belichick will require his players to stand or they won’t be in their uniforms come playoff time.

God bless you, coach. And God bless America.

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