Judge Orders CNN to Stop Using ‘Crybaby Kyle’ Image, Awards $3.1 Million in Damages

A federal judge in Barron, Oregon has ordered fake news CNN to stop using their infamous “Crybaby Kyle” image for profit, and to pay the young man more than $3 million in damages.

According to the Docket Clerk for Federal Warrant Magistrate Honorable Sandy Batt, The ruling was entered with prejudice and will be sent back to lower courts to be heard again, if necessary.

Basically what happened was, some snarky CNN reporter snapped all these images of Kyle Rittenhouse crying, and went through, one by one, until they found the ones that made him look the goofiest. According to our source inside CNN:

They spent hours. The conversation was pretty brutal. The techs werte laughing and calling him the girliest lkittle dweeb ever. The women came by to point at him and laugh. These are all things Kyle just knew happened, and he got his day in court.”

The last thing the kid who had to use deadly force against an unarmed guy needs is someone calling him girly. He already has to live with his cowardlyness used against him forever, the poor guy. It’s no wonder he admits the whole idea of going was just bad.

So with this, you should slowly see an end to all the pictures and memes of Kyle crying as he sues the internet one by one until he gets them all.

God bless America.

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