Vatican Caught Accepting Bribes from George Soros

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness

For years good God-fearing Catholics followed all of the rules. They went to church on Sunday, although sometimes Saturday night Mass was kind of nice because it was casual and they have guitar music.

But for the most part, all of the rules and whatnot, which includes being good pro-life, conservative Christians who are republicans.

However, many of those have been shaken to the core by the ghastly things that come out of the new Pope’s mouth. My gosh! Well, we just have a liberal in Pope’s clothing. Yes, we do.

Well, it’s all beginning to make much more sense now that a report from Heritage House Family Values Coalition has been published. In an investigative undercover international Eucharist sting that covered 759 parishes across 99 countries, the coalition found some things out. And the findings are, well, the findings are shocking.

Apparently, George Soros has infiltrated the Catholic church starting with the most high and going down from there. Because if you are at the most high, the only direction you can go is down. Duh.

Sandy Batt, lead investigator for Heritage House Family Values released a detailed summary of the corruption which filled nearly 4,563 pages, double-spaced, but still. It said, and we quote:

“The new Pope is different. But, sometimes different is really good. The Catholic church has gone through periods of change and progress throughout its thousands of years in existence.

Some Popes were greedy bastards. Others were into kink and orgies. Some murdered people. Some sexually abused children. There’s a whole gaggle of depravity carried on by popes and the Catholic church.

This one seems like he is into helping the poor, caring for the sick, fighting oppression, hate, and injustice. We are fairly certain those are the values Christ embodied as a radical leftist back in the day.”

Apparently, Soros is in deep with not only the Clinton Foundation but also Catholic Charities, giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars each quarter in some kind of tax write-off scheme.

Yep. That’s right. The new Pope is working for none other than George Soros.

This means that actually, the American taxpayers are paying their hard-earned money towards Catholic charities and the new pope.


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