Nurses That Blocked Protesters Charged With Civil Rights Violations

Two nurses in Colorado are being charged with violating the civil rights of hundreds of protesters for standing in the street and blocking them from being patriots. According to our source inside the Justice Department, the nurses went way too far:

“You can’t just stand in the road and block traffic. It’s the same thing BLM did to the protesters in Charlottesville and Ferguson. These patriots have a constitutional right to come out and express themselves. When those nurses stood there to protest that and stop them, they broke the law.

“According to title 109 USC Section 420.4-2-0, SS 69, ‘Any person blocking a public roadway or intersection with the specific intent of counter-protesting lawful protesters, is guilty of a civil rights violation punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $500K fine.’

“We intend to get a million dollars from these 2 cowards and put them away for a long time. It was a disgrace.”

When asked about the rights of the nurses to protest what they saw as an egregious violation of humanity’s right to exist and not watch people die over opening Applebee’s. Justice Department spokesman, Art Tubolls, said that’s not how freedom works:

“The protesters standing up for America always have precedence. That’s why the people who went to support Trump and guns at the March for Your Lives rally couldn’t be dragged into the street and beaten like rabid dogs. We value our moral code. The law does, too. The Supreme Court is on their side.”

The nurses have been asked to surrender to authorities as soon as they aren’t needed to save lives and work the frontlines in the worst pandemic since stupidity was weaponized in 2016.

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