Alec Baldwin Fired From SNL: ‘He’s a Huge Liability’

This just in from the exclusive news desk of reporter Flagg Eagleton: Saturday Night Live has fired Alec Baldwin, calling him a “huge liability.”

The move comes just days after Baldwin shot and killed a woman on the set of his movie, making him guilty of manslaughter for his sad portrayal of Trump and his leftist views.

Saturday Night hasn’t commented on the loss of its namesake TV show’s beloved Trump impersonation, but it did remind everyone that right around 8:15 pm is a great time to get Chinese take-out. Not delivery, though. You gotta go get it.

SNL has no official ties with Baldwin, other than he’s funny and likes to make fun of Trump somehow, but now that he’s killed someone and has become a perpetual punchline, chances are his career is over.

Trumpsters, for some reason, think this is some kind of win for them, and Fox News is running a new Baldwin story every 11-32 minutes.

Thye left appears to be just as OK with them memes, and doesn’t seem to be willing to use an innocent woman’s tragic and accidental death as a springboard for hate, but…we’re not most leftists, so here we are.

Taters gonna state. It is what it is.

God bless America.

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