Dearborn Joins California in Canceling President’s Day

The city of Dearborn has once again shown why Sharian Law doesn’t work in America. In a show of disrespect, their Moon God-worshipping City Council has decided to cancel President’s Day. The move follows a similar stunt by the California legislature.

According to the official register, Dearborn citizens supported the measure by a margin of 72 percent. Coincidentally, Dearborn’s Muslammical population is near 72 percent.

White House Director of information and propaganda, Guillermo DeTater, says the motives here are clearly political:

“There is no reason to cancel a day that celebrates all US Presidents other than hatred for Donald Trump. In doing so, the City of Dearborn is in violation of federal law and will most likely be fined for forcing people to go to school and work.

“President Trump has also removed the entire state of Michigan from his priority list. As a consequence of the actions of a few, an entire state will now suffer. This is the way we do things now, Dearborn. The time has come for you to fall in line or move to Canada.”

Arturi al Tubollsi, spokesman for the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce, says the city doesn’t really care what Trump thinks:

“Of course it’s a political statement. Donald Trump is a turd. We won’t celebrate this day until he’s long gone. We also won’t lose any sleep over it. Maybe he can go to another public event where people will undoubtably cheer for him, like Nascar, an Alabama football game, or a nice public lynching somewhere.

“Nobody here cares. Buh bye.”

The audacity of these people is just amazing. Not only are they being disrespectful, they’re breaking the law. Hopefully, Trump will tweet out instructions for the ustice Department to do something about this.

In the meantime, patriots, grab your American flags and take to the streets. Shout “We Love President Trump” at the top of your lungs. This is how we prove that we’re stronger than them. By yelling and screaming and being Americans!

God bless you, President Trump.

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