DNA Tests Confirm: Joe Biden Was Replaced Over Two Years Ago

An independent study performed by a group of scientists who say Joe Biden is no longer Joe Biden has concluded, and their findings are shocking.

Joe Biden, the Senator and former Vice President, was replaced with a lookalike nearly two years ago, presumably at the time the real Biden either died or became incapacitated.

The lead scientist, Art Tubolls, says the research is conclusive:

“We spent countless hours on YouTube examining the real Biden’s movements and comparing images. There’s no way this Biden is the same Biden.”

As for DNA, the team says they have all the evidence they need. One of the researchers, Joe Barron, graduated high school with some of the smartest people in Louisiana and he spent the past 15 years landscaping for a federal judge. He said:

“It ain’t him. I got 12 truck flags I’d put versus dollars or donuts and my reputation as a critical thinker on the line. That’s how sure I am.”

The study is currently in the peer review phase and has more than 17K likes on Tik Tok.

Looks like the gig is up, fake Joe Biden.

God bless America.

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