New Virus Variants Attacking Trump Supporters ‘At Unusually High Rates’ - CPAC Doctor

Something fishy is going on with new variants of the virus, according to a doctor who graciously volunteered his time to speak at CPAC Dallas.

Dr. Art Tubolls, who has three degrees and a successful YouTube channel, says the variants are attacking Trump supporters at “significantly higher rates” than other people.

That might sound like just some weird statistic to some people, but to those of us who know how low the Democrats will sink, it sounds a whole lot worse. It sounds like these new variants were engineered to go after patriotic Americans.

According to Dr. Tubolls:

“These new variants are hitting us hard. People in rural America are going down hard. Remember when it was just the flu? Now, it’s really killing people, and according to our data, more than 90 percent are Trump-Loving Americans.”

Go ahead and explain how Bill Gates has nothing to do with this now, liberals. I dare you.

A spokesman for the White House, Joe Barron, said that there’s a simple explanation for the numbers, but Trump supporters don’t want to hear it:

“It’s killing you idiots at a higher rate because you refuse to get vaccinated. Dying of this thing is a choice for you now, so have at it. We’re all just gonna sit and hope you don’t cause a mutation that the vaccine doesn’t attack. Morons.”

Oh, sure. Blame those of us who don’t want to put poison in our bodies. Pffft.

God Bless America.


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