Pelosi Calls For a Quorum on Removing Lauren Boebert From Congress

Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind. She’s using a 270-year-old clause to try to remove a member of Congress, who was duly elected by the voters of her district.

According to the Official Speaker’s Log, Pelosi formed a committee, under Article 42 Section 14, ss 12, something so out of date historians had a hard time finding it. The basis of the clause is to “remove forces still loyal to the crown.”

How will Nancy Pelosi prove that Lauren Boebert, who had never left Konders, Colorado before being elected to Congress, is loyal to the crown? According to her top aide, Art Tubolls, that will be easy:

“We don’t have to prove she’s loyal to the British Crown. The Supreme Court ruled that null and void almost immediately after being formed in 1787. We just have to be able to prove she’s loyal to ‘a hostile entity.’ That, of course, is Donald Trump.

There you have it, patriots. It’s all Trump’s fault, once again. Luckily, legal experts on YouTube don’t think there’s anything to worry about, so it’s okay to just share this and take one of the Trump surveys.

This is terrible, yet wonderful news, patriots. Lauren Boebert might be as useless in Congress as boobs on a gorilla’s back for dancing, but at least the Dems won’t win.

God bless America.

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