Young Trump Supporters Enlist In President’s Anti-Antifa Forces

Baked Potato Bars Are The Shiznit.

Young men are flocking to enlistment centers all over the country with the desire to serve their country. Much like what was seen during the early days of World War II, military recruiters are fielding hundreds of thousands of young red hats. But, this time is different.

This special group of young men is signing up for President Trump’s new secret police force that will exclusive to fighting Antifa. They are actually making the special request, so they can take to the streets to protect property and people. Mostly property. But, some people, even if that just means each other.

Young recruits participate in a torchlit processional during the Anti-Antifa Forces initiation ceremony.

Joe Barron, an ambitious 19-year-old from Bumkinsberg, Montana is looking forward to rounding up as many of the Antifa liberals as he can. Due to the pandemic, he lost his job as a line cook at Western Sizzlin’ and has been out of work for three months. He says:

“You know, since the President declared Antifa a terrorist organization, I knew I had to stand up and fight for my country. We just won’t have any of that Antifa here. In true “fa” style, we are going to round them up and incarcerate them. The president wants them locked up for 10 years. So, I imagine I’ll get to have this job for quite a while. A lot longer than over at the Western Sizzlin’. Once we capture them all, we will need to work as guards in the prison camps.”

It’s inspiring to see this younger generation walking in the footsteps of their great-grandparents’ enemies. They will make their mark on this world.

Much like Justin Timberlake did with “sexy,” Trump is bringing Fascism back.

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