Trump Strips Mattis Of His Rank: ‘You Can’t Be a Traitor and a General in America’

President Trump has taken decisive action against (former) General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, stripping him of his rank and discharging him from the armed forces. As Commander in Chief, Trump felt he had no choice but to use his constitutional duties to clean up the hateful rhetoric spewed by Mattis over violent protests.

In a statement to the Secretary of the Armed Forces, Trump explained the move and why it was necessary:

“James Mattis is a traitor to his country. You can’t speak out of line against your supreme commander in the military. It goes against everything we’ve fought and died for for the past 400 years.

“It is with great pleasure that I hereby remove Mattis as a general in my Army. He is to receive no pension or benefits and and medals he may have earned are to be returned and melted down.

Let this be a message to others in our military: don’t speak out about your commanders just because you’re a hateful, lying liberal. Do your job and you’ll be allowed to keep it. Otherwise, you’re fired.”

Trump’s decision was called “brave” and “totally within his rights as our leader” by Senator Lindsey Graham. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA said that Mattis had to go, as he has “the biggest head in the military and nothing to back it up.” Ben Shapiro added that if he was just a foot or two taller, he’d apply for the position himself.

The decision resonated across the armed forces, with hundreds of officers condemning Mattis for his harsh words against the President. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were beside themselves and recanted a letter they sent in support of peaceful protests, calling them “violent Antifa movements” instead.

The Marines are clearing an area of Guantanimo for Antifa as we speak. Mattis is lucky he’s not being sent there.

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