Kid’s Cartoon Portays Kavanaugh As A Sex Molester


In a twisted effort to evidently appeal to parents as well as children, perhaps taking advantage of many families being quarantined together during this pandemic crisis, the popular cartoon series Marvin the Marshmallow Mayor of Mars has taken to adding bits of what it considers “political satire” to it’s content.  However, the Trump-supporting conservative crowd has sparked national outrage over a character they find grossly offensive - a villain named “Chett Gropingclaw”, very closely modeled after Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The writers are currently also working on an animated version of Sarah Huckabee as a space cow with a humorous lisp.

In the plot of episode 4, “Hashtag Mayor Too”, the titular star of the series, Marvin, is confronted with Kavanaugh’s character as the subject of a manhunt due to his propensity to grope, molest, and otherwise harrass female denziens of Mars City, mirroring Kavanaugh’s real-life behavior as a drunken perverted sociopath who was appointed to the highest court of the land by a similar psychotic lunatic, *President Donald Trump.  As happened in reality, Gropingclaw flies into an insane rant during the course of courtroom questioning :

“Let me make this clear - these gropings I’m accused of aren’t my fault. I have a calendar that proves I was nowhere near these women.  Even though they do walk around wagging their antennea around like whores.  It’s just fun.  I have to do something, don’t I?  The gravity here is half as much as it is on Earth.  My hands just float up by themselves!  I need to start boofing is what I need.  Filthy bitches.”

“You know honestly, I’d rather have the cartoon sitting next to me than that sweat-covered blumpkin puddle.”

Many parents of children who are already scarred from having trumptards try to homeschool them have registered complaints with the President of the network, Sandy Batt, urging that the show needs to be cancelled for material they believe is far too advanced for the show’s audience of 5-12 year olds.  Batt has so far stood fast by her programming, commenting that : “The sooner these kids learn about Donald Trump’s uncaring perversion of everything human, the better.  F*ck Kavanaugh.”


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