Hunter Biden Busted Moving Into the White House


One of Joe and Jill Biden’s biggest disappointments in life is their son Hunter. The boy has been on and off of drugs, dazed and confused, for the better of two decades.

It’s sad, really. This is what happens when you have someone like Nancy Pelosi who drinks her way through her days as a high-powered liberal they look up to. But, I digress.

News is that Hunter Biden has relapsed again, causing him to lose nearly everything. If he didn’t turn to his parents for help, he would be left out on the street. Homeless.

Joe Biden couldn’t handle that happening to his last remaining son, so they extended open arms, hoping to keep the whole thing on the down-low. After all, there is already one scandal going on surrounding Hunter and a laptop.

Well, nothing in DC can really stay hush-hush. A moving truck was spotted on White House grounds unloading various grocery store boxes. They don’t really make the best moving boxes, but in a pinch, you’ll take that banana box and make it work!

Hunter’s wife and children will not be joining him in the White House. Speculation is that she’s had it with his drug chasing ways.

White House Director of Security, Art Tubolls, had this to say:

“Yeah, well, ya see, we really need to keep an eye on Hunter. If he tries to sneak in as much as a Tylenol on the grounds we are going to have a real problem. The sooner he is out of here, the better. It was bad enough when Trump Junior was here all coked up. We can’t deal with another one.”

In fact, after Don Jr.’s escapades, White House Security has put in place a “no adult children” statute. However, Biden informed them that he’s the president and what he says goes.

Just like a dictator.

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