AOC Vows to Ban Flamethrowers After Snow Removal Video Goes Viral

The truth is right in front of you

If there is anything AOC is about, it’s being a socialist, limiting the freedoms of God-fearing Americans. She wants you to pay for everyone else’s health insurance, even though they aren’t taking enough responsibility for themselves to manage their own health. She wants to take away your guns.

Now, she wants to take away your flamethrowers!

Well, this is just too far.

After seeing the viral video of a potatriot clearing snow from his driveway and street using a few gallons of propane (and propane accessories), the junior bartender congresswoman had seen enough.

“This is a huge waste of our resources. Who does this guy think he is? That propane could be used to cook food for the poor. It could be used to heat someone’s home. And this guy goes out there, emitting all of that CO2, and for what? To clear a driveway that can’t even be used because people shouldn’t be leaving their houses anyway?”

She was visibly rattled even thinking about the level of selfishness. But then, she became even more upset.

“This is also extremely dangerous. He could have burned himself. He could have burned others. What about the children in the houses along his street? He could have BURNED THEM!”

Joe Barron, the newest spokesperson for the NRA promises to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court.

“Flamethrowers are protected under our second amendment. We will fight the effort to disarm Americans tooth and nail. Everyone has a God-given right to have a flamethrower. It’s right there in the constitution. These socialists hate the constitution.”

The Supreme Court met for a backyard BBQ (complete with the keg of Natty Light) at Brett’s house where they prepared the following statement.

“Of course people can have flamethrowers. This is America. Case closed. End of story.”

Flame on.

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