Biden Promises to Abolish the National Office of Prayer

The truth is right in front of you

The National Office of Prayer was established in 1799 and has served the American people well for all of those years. All of that will be coming to an end after Biden and Kamala take over.

In a recent press conference via Zoom from his basement, Biden informed the public of the abolishment.

“The National Office of Prayer is unconstitutional and fictitious. Going forward, it will serve no purpose in my administration, nor future administrations. So it be ordered.”

So, what did this office do? For years, every “official” prayer had its verbiage vetted by the National Office of Prayer. From “Our Father” to “Hail Mary” to the “Serenity Prayer” have all been protected and recorded through this office.

Additionally, since prayer in school was banned in recent years, the office is also responsible for receiving all of those secret prayers sent by schoolchildren.

So, now what? What happens to the staff of over 100 who have made their life’s work in the prayer office? Where do they go?

What about the schoolchildren’s prayers? Who will take care of those?

The abolishment of this department is going to leave a gaping hole in the role of the federal government. Actions like this are not of a true leader. If this is a sign of what is to come, we are really in for it. Offices abolished, federal agencies lacking staff, open positions for years to come.

Art Tubollis, creator of Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” had this to say:

“Good morning, sinners. Well, isn’t that special. I suspect this is the work of someone very powerful and very bad. This is the work of something… could it be.. I don’t know… SATAN?!?!”

Mitt Romney, the most religious person in the U.S. government said it’s totally fine because of the First Amendment.

Biden, a devout Catholic, then did a sign of the cross and said a prayer.

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