Kamala Refuses All Appearances on Fox or OAN

It’s time for Kamala Harris to have her time in the spotlight.  As the chosen running mate for leading Presidential candidate Joe Biden, the cameras and microphones haven’t let her alone for an hour at a time since the announcement hit the media like a mighty thunderstorm.

Or like Chris Christie screaming for more donuts.

Campaign consultant Joe Biden has been overly busy himself, telling interested parties that Harris has received over 200 requests for interviews, statements, and appearances just in the last three days.  Of course among them are cable news leaders Fox News and One America Network, unabashedly right-wing biased propaganda channels viewed only by those with severe mental disorders.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was rebuffed publicly As, during a fundraising speech, Harris told an audience of supporters that “That pathetic shitbag Tucker wanted me to come on his dumb ass show for morons,” to roaring applause.  “I told him that I’d have his little bitch ass in tears in the first five minutes and sue his house out from under him for libel and slander within the next ten.”

The Vice Presidential contender had less-than stellar words for other Fox News hosts as well as a dismissal of OAN’s reputation.

“Look.  Neither of those two rag networks is a legitimate news source, and that’s all i want to deal with.  I don’t need that square-headed thalidomide baby Hannity pretending he’s some kind of journalist in front of me.  Name me one story he’s ‘broken’.  I don’t care about the unintelligent opinions of that failed ‘judge’ bitch or any of the drooling cavepeople on that OAN crap that only functions as Fox’s special class.  I want nothing to do with any of those jokes.  I’ll see y’all tomorrow night on Don Lemon.  Peace.”

“If you do, can i get the scraps? I’m making a human ass-a-pede.”

Harris seems to be true to her word, and has refused even radio shows like the soon-to-be-deceased Rush Limbaugh and violent dementia-sufferer Micheal Savage.  I guess a woman’s gotta have her standards.

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