House Dems Pass Mandatory Mask Law With ‘Severe Penalties’ For Those Who Refuse To Comply

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the US House of Representatives have passed a law that makes mask-wearing mandatory for certain Americans. According to our source on the Hill, which may or may not be completely reliable, the new law was written specifically to target Trump supporters:

“This law states that people with IQs under 80 who are most likely to vote for Trump have to be reminded that mask wearing is about public safety and not some political statement. Wearing a mask helps others, which we all know isn’t something most of them care about.

“They’re too concerned with their freedom and comfort level to be bothered. They don’t feel the need to be a part of a civilized society. So they’ll have no choice.”

The bill puts steep fines on people who refuse to comply. A Trump supporter exercising their right to be ignorant can be fined up to $1000 for the first offense. On the third offense, they face jail time of up to one year.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have gone completely nuts. Sure, we have a serious problem and a second wave is inevitable, but who the heck are they to start telling people what to do? This is America, Nancy. We don’t have to comply unless we feel like it. Read your constitution.

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