NASCAR Makes All Drivers Kneel During Anthem

Tsk Tsk

NASCAR is ruined. It’s just ruined. There may not be any coming back from all of this damage the beloved sport has done to the fan base, patriotic Americans, and the country.

In the latest treasonous act, officials are now ordering that all drivers kneel for the National Anthem. In a joint statement, liberal shareholders Joe Barron and Sandy Batt said:

“NASCAR kneels with Black Lives Matter. We unconditionally support the activists standing up against police brutality. So, we are demanding that all of our drivers support Bubba Wallace and take a knee. After we saw the teams support him by walking him to pole position, we know that the time is right to strike and make this company-wide policy.”

Nessy Blackstone who is an ardent Trump supporter whose husband, Earl has been a NASCAR fan for the last 25 years says:

“Earl is really upset about all of this. I think it’s even worse than the football. When the ball players did that, he still watched the games. He just yelled a little more at the television.

But with this racing one, he won’t even turn on the tv on Sundays. I think he’s serious this time.

I was really looking forward to having Sunday afternoons for sewing and crafts, but without NASCAR to keep him occupied, it’s not possible.”

How dare these shareholders do this to the wives of America! Nessy just wants to work on her patchwork. Maybe finish that cross stitch that’s been in her craft bag unfinished for two and a half years.

And, this is more disrespect to the military and the flag. Enough is enough, NASCAR! Stop this nonsense so Earl and the rest of us can watch again!

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