Ocasio-Cortez : ‘Trump Is a Bigger Mistake Than Vietnam’


Starting our busy week of ridiculous impeachment hearings and congressional lunacy off with her stereotypical bang, America’s Piquante pumpkinhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the house floor this afternoon during a break in hearings to opine her view of whatever it is the Democrats think they can bother the President about.  Within the blubbering and shrill fast-talking gibberish her mouth ejected was the following nugget of opinion : “Donald Trump is the biggest mistake America has made since Vietnam.”

Although “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is definitely worse for America than the Korean conflict.

Caught on camera by a representitive of the Fox News Female Exploitation Bureau, the context of the quote doesn’t exactly do it any favors :

“Why is Donald Trump being impeached? I don’t know, I guess maybe because he’s a career criminal destroying our justice and executive systems of government?  Because he’s too stupid to understand that he’s breaking the law while he does it and his Republican dick towels just soak it up?  He’s the biggest mistake this country has made since Vietnam.  Worse than Iraq.  He really needs to go.  Immediately.  Ooh!  Is that a chocolate fountain over there?”

I know you like the IDEA of a chocolate fountain. But remember - if there are kids at the party, at least one of them has picked his nose and then plowed a grubby little hand under there. Not so cute now, are they?

Cortez is weathering her controversial remarks as she usually does, by mostly ignoring the insults and threats from members of Trump’s deranged and mostly cobwebbed followers.  But trust me, Wonder Werita…you had better put a muffler on that talk hole of yours if you want to find a husband someday.

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