Pelosi Officially Ends All Wall Construction


It’s a sad milestone.  The big beautiful wall across America’s southern border that President Donald Trump so majestically promised us we’d have to protect the country from the unwashed and violent illegal invasion has halted all further construction.  It’s now nothing more than a fading racist dream.

And Now, please stand for the theme from “All In the Family”…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared yesterday in an address before Congress that all funding and construction of the wall has ceased and companies involved with it’s raising have been decommissioned.  Even if we wanted to restart now, the contractual renegotiations alone would take another the years.  And political experts agree that Trump doesn’t have nearly that long as an unjailed citizen.

The Speaker sat down with Joe Barron of Trumpdroolers Weekly to explain why the wall had become an unnecessary expense.

“We have Americans dying from Trump’s plague because he’s an incompetent dipshit.  We have riots and violence egged on by, guess who?  The incompetent dipshit.  We’re an embarrassment on the world stage.  We need to pass more stimulus packages so that normal people can survive in Trump’s shitty economy.  How coukd anyone possibly think the giant cartoon wall across the bottom of the country that the idiot pushed on his cult of morons is in any way important right now?  Not that it was before.  It’s done.  No more of his half-assed money-wasting adderall fantasies.  In a couple more months, hopefully the people with brains in this country will kick his fat ass to the curb, and we can be America again.  Minus the incompetent dipshit.”

“Oh God, as long as the next one doesn’t keep asking me if I’m sure about bleach over and over.”

Many Americans believe Pelosi is right on this one.  During this time of crisis, when regular people are suffering and emotions are running high from racial outrage and controversial police actions, is the border wall even close to a priority anymore?  The answer is no.  And it never was to begin with.

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