AG Barr Quietly Files Indictments Against 8 Corrupt Democrats While They Celebrate Their Sham ‘Impeachment’

While the Democrats have been high-fiving each other and celebrating their big impeachment “victory,” which was nothing more than a vote to unseat a legally-elected President, Attorney General Bill Barr has been a busy beaver. In the past two days, Barr has filed more than 40 indictments against 8 different Democrats to a Grand Jury in Maryland.

The indictments, which are sealed until the Grand Jury votes on them early next week, are for crimes ranging from obstruction of justice to collusion with a foreign power to lying to a federal agent. The eight Democrats facing charges are to be notified as soon as the Grand Jury returns with their votes.

The mainstream media is, of course, ignoring these reports, because anything positive about the President or his administration is taboo to them these days, even to Fox News. The truth, however, is being leaked through back channels so conservatives across the country can do some celebrating of their own.

The White House isn’t commenting, citing a conflict of interest, but an aid from Barr’s office is telling a pretty damaging story:

“The Democrats in question include 3 House Intelligence Committee members, 2 Presidential candidates, and Speaker nancy Pelosi. There is no stopping the train that’s coming to run down their careers and leave them broke and in prison. The only regret AG Barr has is that he couldn’t get Hillary Clinton. This time.”

Evidence suggests that the 2 Democrat candidates on the chopping block are Joe Biden, for being corrupt and creepy, and Bernie Sanders, for spreading socialist ideas and starting a movement towards communism. They should be joined by several other members of their party, begging for their freedom, by the end of next month. That’s great news for Trump and his supporters.

Even the tiniest bit of progress would be good, and this is huge. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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