Sharpton Calls Trump ‘The Antichrist’ In Street Sermon


The reverend Al Sharpton is no stranger to making news, and it seems he’s started taking up that (tax-free) job once again.  After President Trump struck out against Representitive Elija Cummings and derided the horrible state of his city, Baltmore, Sharpton replied that Trump had : “A particular venom for people of color.”  Jumping on the usual liberal racism bandwagon based only on the facts that the President issued outwardly racist tweets towards four Congresswomen of color, fostered a phony conspiracy that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, doesn’t seem to have any problem with brown children in cages, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times (Which is now Fake News) to call for the deaths of innocent black teenagers, and has had past legal problems renting living space to minorities, the Non-Caucasian of Tax Evasion has seen fit to up his game.

He also made Kanye cry when he called his music : “shallow and obvious.”

During one of many organized protests in park areas in the city of New York that Sharpton calls : “Street Preaching”, the reverend went into a tirade, referring to America’s Most Repeating-Sentences-Five-Times President as : “The Antichrist.”  A portion of the speech was recorded by passerby Sandra Batt, a local businesswoman who sells bowls of organic rice to drop wet smartphones into :

“Trump…doesn’t care…about America.  He only cares…about the monetized America.  He is literally…literally…everything that is wrong with America.  He pretends…to be a Christian!  Hah!  This…is the highest insult of propriety, my brothers and sisters.  He cares for no church, but to twist the minds of the solemn.  He cares for no God, and never has.  He is plain and simple…the Antichrist, for he has proven himself, time and time again…to be against every teaching of Jesus.  Let not yourself be twisted by his blackhearted hate!”


The President has not yet responded to the insult, but the media, especially CNN, has begun to repeat the line over and over, just like they do.  Fox News, of course, re-ran an episode of Judge Jeannine where she wore the low-cut titty-blouse and screamed enough to shake.  The only response was from the Twitter account of Pope Francis, offering two single words.

“I suppose.”

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