Kayleigh McEnany Fired After Racist Comments


If you had barely-experienced White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in your office pool on who would be the next casualty of the Trump administration, get yourself to the break room and clean out that kitty.  The blonde bombshell was unceremoniously let go by the *President’s Chief of Staff after using what was termed as “blatantly racist and offensive language” during the latest press conference last weekend.

McEnany is the thirty-third press secretary of the United States, who got her start as a producer for the Mike Huckabee show, a daytime Fox News program targeting the mentally infirm and those who follow the words of plump sociopaths with God complexes.  The flaxen-haired flatliner then wrote a book that nobody read and managed to score the job by demonstrating a unique ability to make up excuses for morons, the very description of the job.

It was Sean Spicer who insisted on adding : “Dress like a Lady Gaga back-up dancer and be FABULOUS!”

Sandy Batt, an independent reporter for Conservative Queefs for California relayed the reasons behind the shitcanning:

“What Kayleigh did was call the Coronavirus by the incredibly racist name : ‘The Kung Flu’ straight to an Asian-American reporter.  True, she was simply echoing what the undeniably racist sack of crap *President himself had said earlier, but that’s no excuse.  We had to let her go, even though Mr. Trump was quite fond of her looks.  His official statement on the matter is : ‘I like it when she’s here, but I love to watch her leave!’  Yeah, he’s a sick old throwback.  I’m actually shocked he knew her name, frankly.”

He still calls Candace Owens : “That Roots girl I like.”

McEnany confirmed her termination earlier this morning and has already signed a deal with pretend news network OAN for an hour -long program where she simply wears bikinis and tells the audience how much she likes old men with liver spots.  Like many who stood behind Trump, she’ll land on her feet.


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