Planned Parenthood Makes Billions After Biden Groups Boost Its Stock


The recent calamity with Wall Street has left many Americans even more confused about how the market works with inflated bubbles and the tricks involved with buying and selling.  Admittedly, I myself know about as much about how the stock trading business works as I do the Hawaiin Speckled-ass tree monkey, and that’s not much.

What happened last week, however, is that thanks to several stock-trading liberal Biden-supporting investment groups, the organization Planned Parenthood saw it’s profits soar into the billions within just days.  Despite the raging of conservative dum dums, the one thing I do know is that PP is a non-profit and in absolutely no way offers stock.

It does, however, offer free bags of Pop Rocks to satisfy patients with nymphomania. Think about it for a second.

Will this simple fact make a difference to the reactionary and violently angry-about-everything teabagger toilet floaters?  “No”, is a safe bet, since they finalized the divorce between themselves and reality more than a decade ago.

Wall Street analyst and whorehouse belhop Sandy Batt says that the modern Trump-supporting human pumpkin is no more intelligent than a bag of dildoes with no handle, and assures media sources that they will say and do stupid shit on cue.

“I know Planned Parenthood isn’t a publicly traded company, or a ‘company’ at all, for that matter.  You know that.  But all that these pathetic gooberlumps know is what they see on the internet.  And they equate the organization with ‘abortion’ so they can continue to pretend it’s all they care about while they ignore kids in cages dying at the border.  I have absolutely no sympathy for these pious lowlifes and hope they end up buried in their booger-smeared beanbag couches.”

It’s been shown previously through admitted fraudsters like James O’Queef and his “Project Veritas” that the tragically teabagged are willing to fall for anything, no matter how ridiculous, that make a them feel “Godly”.  This Wall Street fiction should prove to be just as effective in filling up those colostomy bags.

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