Dem Senator Knope Claims Benghazi Attack ‘Never Happened’


The 2020 election brought a host of freshman senators and congressmembers into the fold, some of them bringing with them their own sometimes controversial beliefs.  Marjorie Taylor Greene serves as a good example of this on the right, with her support of the patently ridiculous “Q-anon” conspiracy as well as her comments about Jews : “putting chemtrail emitters on the tops of suburban bagel shops.”

The Jews are also rumored to be hiding Gefilte Bombs in the JCC on Deep Space Nine.

Now it seems one of the newest Democrats in the fold, Indiana Senator Leslie Knope is being accused of her own litany of craziness after keen-eyed members of the Tea Party and organizations such as “Trump’s Women Without Self-Esteem” noticed a few controversial posts on her social media pages.  One appears to deny the infamous Benghazi, Libya attack.

“That whole nonsense they pretended to get so upset about to slander Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton never happened at all.  You can tell by the fake videos they shot that it was a movie set somewhere in Kentucky.  Freeze the video.  You can see the actors laughing.”

This is just one of the posts submitted by Pawnee, Indiana whistleblower Joe Barron, drawn from Knopes personal page.  Former co-worker Ron Johnson told the press that the Senator often “accidentally” says wild things during her fictional half-hour situation comedy existence.

“Let’s see, she called the entire process of abortion a ‘false flag propaganda stream’, aimed at letting Republicans secretly impregnate women with what she called: ‘horsey alien babies.’  She talked for a full hour during a subcommittee hearing about how India was aiming a ‘Hindu moon-based potato gun’ at the earth to throw it off it’s axis so they could mine more cumin.  I mean, it comes and goes.”

“Just like Sarah Palin’s daughter. Am I right guys?”

The Senator was unavailable for comment about the controversy, directing questions to her assistant April Ludgate, who responded by loudly reciting excerpts from the “Twilight” novels over the phone repeatedly.


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