ACB Became An American Hero When She Was Just 19 Years Old

Democrats can question Amy Coney Barrett’s commitment to her faith all they want. To real Americans, that commitment means she’ll use her power on the bench to ensure that the Christian values on which our nation was founded will be preserved in the highest court in the land.

Not many people know it, because she doesn’t like to brag, but ACB’s journey to greatness began when she was just 19-years-old. It was that year that she saved dozens of lives from abortion and cemented her role as a leader among the faithful.

According to sources close to the Coney-Barrett family, Amy spent that summer at bible camp, where she organized a movement that stopped dozens of abortions from happening.

She is truly an American hero.

This is a yak. For no particular reason.

ACB knew what really happens at places like bible camps, and she sprung into action. Each night, she would sneak into all the cabins and make sure all the boys had condoms to keep them from impregnating the girls at the camp. According to one camp counselor, if a boy refused, she would “take care of him” herself, leaving him empty for his encounter with an unwitting girl.

Camp records estimate that in a typical 30-day time period, nearly 60 girls would end up pregnant and seek abortions. While Amy Caney Barrett was there, however, only 11 girls were impregnated, and she personally talked 9 of them into carrying the child to term.

This is the kind of thing we need on the Supreme Court. A strong woman who is willing to be hands-on if necessary. ACB has already proven she has what it takes.

We look forward to her ruling by her faith rather than that pesky constitution thing she’s sworn to uphold. It’s mostly right, except where awarding rights to people when they don’t fall in line with what the Republicans believe is concerned.

All we can say is…thank God for you, Amy.

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