Saturday Night Live Banned From Social Media Platforms For Mocking Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Saturday Night Live continued their disgusting attacks on President Trump, but this time they went way too far.

Not only did they allow Alec Baldwin to mock our great leader, but they also had that jerk, Jim Carey, make a rude and obnoxious statement about “karma” taking care of Trump, an obvious jab at his current medical condition.

Their treachery didn’t go unnoticed, however. Several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Gab have now banned SNL from posting due to hate speech.

Looks like what goes around comes around, liberals!

Here’s a picture of Cara Delevigne. Because she’s really pretty.

Unfortunately, the ban only lasted as long as it took to write this article, since satire isn’t real. Saturday Night Live is alive and well, and according to most people who enjoy a good laugh at Trump’s expense, completely hilarious.

One of these days the Trumpsters of the world will have to come to terms with the fact that they don’t make the rules, no matter how much they pray things like this are true.

While Facebook and Twitter have instituted rules against “wishing for Trump to die,” and Gab is nothing but a white supremacist playground of pure stupidity, SNL didn’t do anything like that.

Mocking the Fuhrer was illegal in Nazi Germany, trumpsters. Here, it’s perfectly legal.

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