Jerry Nadler’s Arlington Cemetery Committee Denies Trump’s Application For Burial

Jerry Nadler and a small group of Democrats on Capitol Hill have taken something that shouldn’t be about politics and made it about politics.

As you may have heard, President Trump has asked to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Richmond when he passes, which is his right as Commander in Chief.

Unfortunately, all burial plots are approved by a committee in the House of Representatives.

That committee is currently run by Jerry Nadler. Nadler, along with Reps Joe Barron, Sandy Batt, Art Tubolls, and Skip Tetheluda, voted no on Trump’s application. All four Republicans voted yes.

According to official committee rules, they don’t need to give a reason, but Nadler released a statement out of spite just to rub salt in Trump’s wounds:

“It’s not so much that we don’t feel he belongs there, it’s that we don’t think anyone believes he belongs there. Arlington is for military men and women, with very strict guidelines for acceptance. Trump only meets one requirement, having been a US President, but there are also rules about conduct. For example, a Medal of Honor recipient is automatically qualified unlewss he or she ends up dishonorably discharged. We consider impeachment to be the same thing.

“The other problem would be the visitors. Would you want to go see your deceased family member knowing that right around the corner is a complete jackass who dodged the draft, trashed gold star families, and called our soldiers losers and suckers?

“He doesn’t belong there. maybe if the Republicans take the House before he dies they can reverse the decision and give a trash-talking narcissist a spot on that holy ground, but we won’t do it.”

None of those arguments are valid, of course, and Trump can always just sign an executive order allowing himself to be buried there, since he’s in charge, not Jerry Nadler.

Republicans are stunned at the news. Mitch McConnell says he can’t believe a party in the minority would take advantage of some obscure rule to advance their agenda.

Lindsey Graham says he’d gladly give up his spot to Trump if he had one.

Trump-loving Americans are calling for a boycott of Arlington. Let’s see them stay open without our admission money.


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