Federal Court Sets an Expiration Date For Articles of Impeachment

Justice Sandiford Batt III of the 22nd District Court of Reprisals has stepped in and set Nancy Pelosi’s little plan to hold the articles of impeachment against President Trump on fire. According to the official ruling, Pelosi will not have “unlimited time” to file the articles with the Senate.

The decision comes after Trump’s lawyers argued that he was being held responsible for things he hasn’t done and that his imminent exoneration by the Republican Senate is his right under the 6th Amendment. Chief White House Counsel, Art Tubolls, told the court:

“The Democrats want to equate this to that time the Senate held up a confirmation hearing so the American voters could decide on the next Supreme Court nominee. This is completely different. This is, essentially, a trial, and Trump has the right to a fair and speedy one like everyone else.”

Speedy is something it will definitely be, as Mitch McConnell has said that he plans to bar the Democrats from calling key witnesses that could prove their case in favor of a vote to acquit based on party lines. That’s the way things work here in America, where the truth no longer matters as long as we get to keep our beloved president. Haven’t they been paying attention?

Nobody cares if Trump asks for political favors, or if he calls people names, or if he costs the taxpayers millions by profiting from his own investments while in office. Those were things that may have mattered in the past, when the president was a sleazy Kenyan guy or an immoral adulterer.

Now, with the stock market at an all-time high and America being as great as it is again for reasons we don’t feel the need to elaborate on, we can settle in for 8 more years of Trump, after the Supreme Court extends this term to 2023.

Once again, the Democrats are playing solitaire while Trump plays Crazy Eights. It’s the same old story. Again. Pelosi’s sham impeachment is now set to expire on Thursday.

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