AOC Will Take Over As Speaker While Pelosi Is In Rehab

The Democrat caucus in the House of Representatives has nominated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to take over the role of Speaker of the House while Nancy Pelosi is on a six-week sabbatical. While the official word is that she needs some personal time, the unofficial word is that she’s going to rehab again.

AOC has said that as soon as she takes the gavel, she’ll open another impeachment inquiry into President Trump, this time for his response to the pandemic. As we all know, President Trump’s response has been picture-perfect and he has the highest approval rating of any pandemic in US history, but facts don’t matter to liberals.

Also on her agenda will be the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, which she says she can get done in the short span of time she’ll wield the Speaker’s gavel:

“We don’t need all the votes we normally would, because most of the old white guys are staying home so they don’t get sick and die. We young minority women will have free reign over the summer session. Mitch McConnel might block all of our measures in the senate, but he’ll have to explain to the people why he thinks children shoul;dn’t have ice cream sandwiches and adults shouldn’t have an automatic $4K per month income.”

The DNC says they will back AOC and that they hope she’s DTF the Republicans, whatever that means. President Trump says he might just adjourn Congress completely if this “batshit crazy” socialist is actually handed the gavel next Monday. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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