Pelosi Greenlights ‘Essential’ S.F. Pride Parade Next Week


Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a champion of the “shelter in place” mindset that’s keeping everyone locked in during this deadly pandemic.  Only “essential” services are allowed to be open, like supermarkets, food outlets, supply stores, and the like.  However, Dem-loving businesses such as Planned Parenthood, San Francisco’s Chinatown, and Dave and Busters arcades seem to be exempt. Now, would you believe, Pelosi has classified next week’s Gay Pride Parade in her city an “essential event”?

Oh, they’ll believe it alright. Like they believe they’ll win all those scratch-offs from the liquor store.

Expected to attract thousands, even though the Pride Parade has not, in reality been planned yet, it seems nearly unthinkable for Pelosi to green light such a hazardous gathering.  No doubt many responses to this article will elicit a lot of old bigoted trumptards happily commenting “good”, followed by a string of idiot emoticons and the like.  Trumptards aren’t especially bright in any sense of the word and love to constantly pretend that they’re executioners.

Now even though the psychotic right has lately begun to label themselves as “rebels” by stupidly gathering in virus-infested groups to “protest” remaining alive, it’s a given they’ll turn around and call foul on Pelosi, gay people, and anyone who isn’t at their sky-high level of pure stupidity in general.  For most of these people, the little paper mask they wear, even though they think this is all a big conspiracy, is the only thing holding their nose holes closed so that their mutated brains don’t drip out.

Sir, now I’d like you to look around and see if anyone else looks like a retarded IG-88.

This should add to the gullible Trumptards current belief in the absolutely false statement echoed by the horribly demented President, Donald Trump, that Pelosi invited the public to have a party in Chinatown.  They’ll believe anything.  Popular celebrity Sandra Batt even referred to these people as “Trump’s Dickhead Collection.”  Well, it’s a collection that’s about to go on public display.  At least until they start having symptoms and can’t for the life of them, figure out why.

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