Supermarkets Bare After Refugee Busses Swarm Kentucky


If you’ve watched or heard the news from the Fox, Newsmax, or OAN networks recently, you know that busses full of refugees from the southern border are transporting people in the dead of night across America.

Random Square-headed Man on Newsmax is even swearing he saw hovercrafts in Ohio.

Soon you’ll be hearing tales of supermarkets being “swarmed”, hospitals being “overwhelmed”, and tacos replacing hamburgers at fast food restaurants across the nation.  These are the sorts of fear-mongering openly racist bullshit tales that conservative media outlets are scribbling onto teleprompters right now so that Tucker Carlson and his clones can sell gullible old people beets and mattresses.

In reality, there are busses, many provided by FEMA, chartered to deliver approved children and their caretakers to family members within the country to await legal proceedings.  It’s part of the successful immigration program that the Biden administration is running.

Joe Barron, head of the Trump Cult Treatment Institute says the irony of Fox and the like trying to panic Trump’s idiot parade of dimwits with the very solution they were clamoring for is telling.

“Last month, it was : ‘Oh, the poor children!’  Like these rabid psychos cared when they were dying under Trump.  The truth is, the child population in the border camps has dropped 80% in one month.  Because they’re being properly and safely sent to their relatives.”

“See, busses in ‘the dead of night’ are scary.  The phrase reminds Trumptards of Obama’s ‘cash transfer’ to Iran, which never happened either.  Within three days, I guarantee we’ll be hearing nonsense about property values, crime rates, and voter registration calamities that are flat out lies.  Trumpers will buy anything that makes them afraid and soothes their fantasies about being invaded by brown people.”


Since its beginning, the United States has accepted hundreds of thousands of immigrants on a yearly basis.  Supermarkets haven’t closed.  In fact, they drive our economy.  Maybe Tucker should just keep his white hood on and sneak off to the Villages to steal some Oxy.  He can do it in “The dead of the night.”

And by the way, even a family being threatened by gangsters carrying machetes doesn’t want to go to Kentucky.

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