Pelosi Admits They Don’t Have The Votes To Impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi has been very optimistic about having the votes to impeach President Trump…in public. But in private, she’s not so sure.

According to an insider who may or not work for the Speaker’s office, Pelosi is sure they’re at least 20 votes shy. The full House of Representatives will vote on the Articles of Impeachment next week.

By law, the House must vote to impeach by a 2/3rds majority. With 548 members, that means 302 have to vote yes. That means every single Democrat has to approve along with 3 Republicans.

The Republicans are claiming that there are 5 defectors who will vote yes to save their seats in places like Chicago and New York, but the Democrats have far more at stake. more than 20 are up for re-election in 2020 in areas controlled by Trump, and they don’t want to lose their seats over this witch hunt.

Our legal analyst says that if they don’t get the votes, the next move is to nullify Trump’s first term for fraud and harassment by the opposing party and allow him to run for 2 more terms as laid out by the 24th Amendment.

That’s good news for the White House. They’ve basically had three free years, and in the end, it will be Pelosi who loses. Her impeachment petition has nearly enough signatures to move into the Senate Committee on S[peaker Ethics and will surely lead to her resignation.

Trump just can’t win enough. Looks like it will be him and a new Republican Speaker taking us all the way to 2028.


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