Dem Superdelagates Move To Replace Biden With Cuomo


It looks like President Trump and his runaway re-election campaign has really begun to rattle the Democrat’s chains.  As candidate Joe Biden begins to suffer in nationwide polls due to his perceived “vanilla” whiteness, constant gaffes, and persistent unlikeablity, a group of extremely powerful DNC “superdelagates” has taken steps to have him replaced with more popular New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Biden’s appearance in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” as a Liger massager may have hurt his popularity.

Cuomo has risen quickly to become a liberal darling recently with his measured, calm, and intelligent responses to the pandemic crisis ravaging his state and the country.  Many have described his daily status reports as looking like “Steven Hawking’s brain inside of Matthew McConnehey” as compared to Trump’s “collection of moronic comments made by someone’s 6-year old trying to read Flaubert with his lips glued together.”  Many political insiders agree that he would be a far greater threat during the election.

Trump has also rated badly for his tendency to “make up” for social distancing by date raping Mike Pence.

The Governor’s far more credible example of leadership and competence has led superdelegate high mighty mucks like Joe Barron to consider “emergency measures” to ram Cuomo into the rear entrance of the Democratic party:

“This country needs to rid itself of the Trump cancer to survive, period, end of story.  But going back and restarting the story that I just ended, although we have confidence that Mr. Biden could beat that idiot, we believe Mr. Cuomo would energize a larger section of the base.  Plus, with his brother, we’d have a built-in pipeline to CNN to help get out our message.  He’s perfect, and we need him now.”

Cuomo hasn’t responded yet to the report of his own party virtually keelhauling him into the Presidential race, but insiders in New York feel that he may be very receptive to the chance to topple a man referred to as “America’s Most Incompetent Cartoon Leader. ”  Is the Empire State Emperor ready to full-term abort the Mar a Lego Mushmouth?

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