Pelosi Kills ‘Grandparents Rights’ Bill


If you have grandchildren and feel that you don’t have enough influence in their lives, or just wish you could see them more, get ready to be appalled.   Congressional bill 7211, due to be voted on to the Senate and passed would have solidified a child’s grandparents as caregivers in the event of parent’s incapacitation, and which would give grandparents legal say in educational choices was summarily killed before session yesterday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi later went on to kill actor F. Murray Abraham for being so mean to Mozart.

Without the bill, children whose parents are deemed “abusive”, incapacitated, or are absent will automatically become wards of the state, with grandparents having no legal recourse to come in contact with them.  Pelosi explained her reasoning to John Guluv of the Washington State Queefaton :

“What we know is that, frankly, many grandparents are the elderly base of President Trump’s voting base.  Putting a child in the care of those who are so easily fooled and cannot distinguish between smart and stupid us akin to abuse.  Some may be normal non-trumper human beings.  But we cannot take the chance with America’s children. “

Grandmother Helga Beetsfurter was arrested for giving her grandchild a “MAGA” sticker. Police beat her into submission and have placed her in a tiny 5×5 cage in the station’s bathroom.

This comes on the heels of Pelosi taking billions from Social Security to fund the President’s impeachment, as well as another few drunken escapades, trying to trade wall money for a gun ban, cancelling a bill to make English our official language, and making statements to the Press about the First Lady.  What is wrong with this woman?  It’s as if she’s being scripted by satirical writers in drunken hazes.

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